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Whether you are faced with minor or major issues with your St Marys heating system, Turner Brothers Heating & Air is the right choice for all of your repair needs. With swift turnaround, state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, and a team of dedicated professionals, we provide the right solutions that last. Our fully equipped trucks ensures that we are prepared for any type of challenge, from problems with noise levels to inconsistent temperatures, lengthy run times, or system failure.

We rely on top quality replacement parts and adhere to precise service procedures, making sure your equipment operates safely, efficiently, and reliably. Our business philosophy centers around customer satisfaction, and we work tirelessly to handle every facet of service with the utmost professionalism.

At Turner Brothers we deliver honest, ethical service, and eliminate the unpleasant surprises of hidden costs. Your licensed technician will provide the details of your repair needs, straightforward options, and the exact cost of service. With flat rate pricing, you can make cost-effective choices and know that we never take advantage of your situation. Factory-trained and certified, our service team works on all major brands and all styles of heating systems, always striving to extend equipment life, restore efficiency, and ensure reliability. While all projects are completed promptly, without aggravating delays, know that we never resort to the quick fix. Good enough to get by is not good enough.

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