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Extended Warranty


You’ve invested in a brand new, modern HVAC system and had it professionally installed. Now is the time to relax and enjoy comfortable indoor temperatures for the rest of the year, right?

Well, up to a point. Your new HVAC system is a modern, sturdy unit which will last for years and years provided you keep up with the proper maintenance. But what if something unusual happens, and your new unit fails in some way through no fault of your own? For true peace of mind, we offer several extended warranties. Most new air conditioning units come with a one-year warranty on parts. After that, however, you’re typically on your own when it comes to repairs. While the units are designed to run problem-free, it’s still a financial risk on your part to not purchase a warranty.

At Turner Brothers Heating and Air, our professionals will install your unit with the upmost care and attention. But the heat, wind and humidity can slowly erode any equipment exposed to the elements. Despite the best efforts of the industry professionals, your HVAC unit can still become damaged.

An extended warranty can offer peace of mind for the entire length of your HVAC unit. It’s possible that you’ll never have to pay for a single repair yourself.


5 Year Extended Warranty

For the first year, this warranty offers protection against any errors caused by your installing contractors. From years two through five, the warranty covers your entire system, including coverage on parts and labor for all internal components.

10 Year Extended Warranty

Similar to the five year warranty, this warranty offers extra protection for anything that may happen as a result of your installing contractors. From year two through nine, the warranty then covers parts and labor for all internal components.

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